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Unleash Your Inner BOLD Leader, Overcome Obstacles, and Thrive in both your Personal and Professional Life.

Are you ready to break free from limitations and unlock your true potential?

You Have What It Takes to be an Irresistible BOLD LeaderTM


Welcome to the Empowering NeuroCoaching that Awakens Your Inner Outrageously Confident and Fearless Leader!

You – yes, you, exceptional leader – hold the power, courage, influence, and worth within you to become a BOLD Leader. (Yes, I truly mean it!) Authentic and purpose-driven, standing tall in your own authority, expressing your truth, and making a positive impact!

You also deserve to live life on your own terms. There's no one-size-fits-all "work-life" balance – instead, you deserve to define your unique harmony between work, family, self-care, and passions.

And without a doubt, you deserve all of this without sacrificing your well-being or feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and depleted.

But does overwhelm, excessive workload, and feeling drained sound all too familiar right now? Something led you to this page; perhaps everything seems overwhelming. You're pushing and striving relentlessly, just like a "dedicated" leader. Yet, the cycle seems never-ending, and the path to freedom may feel uncertain or too far out of reach.

Or maybe it's the feeling of not having your voice fully heard in the boardroom. It's not that you're being ignored; it's the fear of saying the wrong thing and facing judgment or worse, doubting your rightful place.

Or perhaps the weight of isolation burdens you. It's often said that "leadership is lonely at the top," and regrettably, you have personally experienced this sentiment. As a result, you've embraced the lone wolf approach to ensure progress, but deep down, you yearn for a supportive network and a sense of belonging to share the journey with.

REALITY: The bridge between where you are now and where you want to be is well within your reach.

Here's the truth: as a brilliant female executive leader, your brain is an extraordinary organ, intricately wired by your unique experiences, beliefs, and environment. It has evolved to support your survival and navigation through the world.

However, some of the wiring patterns formed in the past may no longer serve your present aspirations. Your brain naturally seeks comfort in familiarity, sticking to routines and avoiding risks. This wiring can hinder your ability to embrace change, take bold actions, and unlock your full potential.

But fear not, there is a way to overcome these limitations. By understanding and rewiring these patterns through powerful 'neuro hacks,' you can break free from the constraints, discover new possibilities, and unleash your true power. Witness the remarkable transformations experienced by myself and my clients as we tap into the immense potential of brain rewiring.

“Alex is more than a coach, she's a freedom fighter who's on your side calling you to be your best self!” - Jason K.

Introducing the Irresistible BOLD Leadership Method, designed specifically for ambitious female leaders like you. This method empowers you to rewire your brain, transforming your leadership and life, and enables you to thrive as the Irresistible BOLD Leader you were always destined to be.

My Mission Is To Help Female Leaders Like You!

My mission is to revolutionize the lives of high-achieving female executive leaders. Empowering them to rise above and create a legacy of unprecedented achievements with unwavering confidence, while unlocking their limitless potential through cutting-edge neuro-hacking techniques.

Through my expertise as a Performance-Neuro Coach and the fusion of neuroscience, leadership, and productivity principles, I guide my clients to achieve rapid breakthrough results without succumbing to burnout.

Together, we shatter the never-ending cycle of overwork and sacrifice, creating a new paradigm of unstoppable success, purpose, and fulfillment.

It's time to rewrite the rules and unleash your true power as an extraordinary leader. Say goodbye to playing small and lacking confidence, and embrace a life and business overflowing with impact, joy, freedom, and abundant success.

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Ready To Embrace The UNSTOPPABLE Power Of Bold Leadership?

The Irresistible BOLD Leader fearlessly embraces her expertise, conquers self-doubt, and maximizes her ability to make confident decisions, boost productivity, and amplify her results.

BEING: It's about embracing your authentic identity as a leader—cultivating radical confidence and embodying authentic leadership.

OUTRAGEOUSLY: What is your grand vision? What do you stand for, and what impact do you aspire to create? It's about igniting your vision and purpose, driving influence and impact, and fostering collective change.

LOVING: Embrace your genuine, vulnerable, and worthy self. No more chasing validation. Your unwavering self-confidence knows that you are inherently enough. It's about cultivating grit and grace, nurturing intentional well-being, and infusing your journey with a sense of adventure, joy, authenticity, and love.

DARING: This is where action comes into play. It's about making bold decisions, committing wholeheartedly, and going all-in to achieve remarkable outcomes. Take your clarity and direction and make a transformative difference—not just for yourself, but for your team, your company, and your life. Embrace change and embrace risk-taking.

If you're ready to fully embrace Irresistible BOLD Leadership, here's a little secret: Remember that saying about insanity—doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results? Your brain has been exceptionally adept at its evolutionary role, but now it's time to transcend those limitations. While your brain has done an amazing job of what it was shaped to do, it's keeping you stuck in the past and hindering your ability to be the powerful BOLD Leader I know you were meant to be! It's time to unleash the powerful BOLD Leader within you and break free from the cycle of repeating the same actions and expecting different outcomes.

Understanding how your brain naturally operates and learning to work with it, rather than against it, will empower you to lead on a whole new level. Together, we can unlock the extraordinary potential within you and revolutionize your leadership journey.

By delving into the inner workings of your brain, we'll uncover the patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back. We'll replace self-limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts and rewire your mindset for success. You'll gain a deep understanding of your cognitive processes, emotional intelligence, and decision-making mechanisms, allowing you to make confident choices with clarity and conviction.

Through our transformative coaching sessions, you'll acquire practical strategies and cutting-edge neuro-hacking techniques that optimize your brain's performance. You'll learn to navigate stress, enhance focus, and cultivate resilience, ensuring you stay on top of your game even in the most demanding circumstances. We'll equip you with the tools to effectively manage your time, balance your commitments, and conquer the challenges of work-life integration.

Together, we'll break free from the conventional norms and forge a path towards extraordinary leadership. I'll provide unwavering support, guidance, and accountability, walking alongside you every step of the way. With our collaborative efforts, you'll unleash your true potential and become the unstoppable, influential leader you were destined to be.

Imagine the impact you can create. Picture yourself leading with unwavering confidence, inspiring your team to achieve greatness, and leaving a lasting legacy in your industry. It's time to rewrite the rules, redefine success, and revolutionize your leadership journey.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative adventure? Let's embark on this journey together and shape your future as an exceptional leader. The time for bold, impactful leadership is now.

NeuroCoaching Is Not “Mindset Work”

NeuroCoaching goes beyond simple mindset work and traditional executive coaching. It's a revolutionary approach that taps into the innate processes of your brain, allowing you to reprogram neural patterns and create a new normal for success. Unlike mindset coaching, which often focuses on reframing thoughts, NeuroCoaching interrupts the old patterns and automates new behaviors, leading to lasting change.

At the core of Performance NeuroCoaching is the understanding that your brain is like a muscle, strengthening neural connections through repetition. By working with a Performance NeuroCoach, you have the opportunity to neutralize and erase your current thought patterns, paving the way for the reprogramming of your brain and the creation of new, empowering neural networks. This transformation not only impacts your professional life but also extends to every aspect of your personal life.

“Any leader would be INCREDIBLY lucky to get to work with Alex Lianne. I was shocked when even after my very first session I started seeing results. Now 6 months have passed since we stopped working together, and I’m amazed as the tools she gave me are continuing to pay off in dividends. Being able to program in new thought patterns and new goals continually as things come up has just been incredibly helpful. This has been such a game changer for me!” - Ashleigh M.

The power of Performance NeuroCoaching lies in its ability to produce long-term, sustainable results. By rewiring your brain's autopilot to align with your goals and aspirations, you can break free from the cycle of stress, overwork, and overwhelm. Through the Irresistible BOLD Leadership Method, specifically designed for female executive leaders like you, you'll cultivate self-confidence, amplify your voice, and stand firmly in your own power.

Don't settle for temporary fixes or quick mindset shifts. Embrace the power of Performance NeuroCoaching for a profound and enduring transformation. Say goodbye to the limitations of the past and unlock your true potential as an Irresistible BOLD Leader. Let's embark on this journey together.

How To Get You From Here To There

Performance NeuroCoaching for Female Executive Leaders

Alex Lianne melds the ART of Executive Coaching with the SCIENCE of NeuroCoaching for many top executives around the world, sought after for the powerful results her clients get. Clients learn a variety of tools through the Irresistible BOLD Leadership Method that harnesses the power of the brain to bring lasting change.

Leadership Keynotes & Workshops for Female Executive Leaders

If you’re looking for a passionate leadership keynote speaker who walks the walk, speaks from the heart, and ultimately inspires change and results, Alex Lianne’s the one you want. Drawing from a leadership-rich background, her talks are rooted in the science of NeuroCoaching so you’re getting an incredible one-two punch of game-changing value.

Hi, I'm Alex Lianne Carter

I am passionate about the transformative work I do with BOLD Leaders like you because I get it: I’ve been there too.

I had a great job–at the top of my career, I had thought–yet I found myself anxious, exhausted, depressed… in both physical and mental pain. I was afraid to fail, hesitant to say no, and unwilling to ask for help.

Overstressed, overworked, and overwhelmed. I simply. felt. stuck. It’s no surprise I had burnt out and suffered a breakdown.

Soon after, I began studying the brain, and the impact that our thoughts, beliefs and behavioural patterns have on our performance. Attempts to battle against our hardwired ways of thinking with sheer willpower alone lead to inconsistent results and more frustration. This was the key.

Today, I’m a renowned Neuro-Hacking Expert and Executive Performance NeuroCoach, empowering female executives to be BOLD Leaders. I draw on my background in Educational Leadership, my Master Level of training in NeuroCoaching and Leadership, and my own life experiences to help wildly ambitious leaders get unstuck and thrive freely by optimizing their performance through confidence, self-worth, and courageous action.


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Hey Leader!

I am a Neuro-Hacking, Confidence-Boosting and Performance NeuroCoach, who empowers female executives to be bold leaders. I help leaders like you optimize their performance through confidence, self-worth, and courageous action. As co-host of the Unleashed and Unstoppable Podcast, I blend neuroscience and leadership principles, to help you create rapid breakthrough results without burnout.


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