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Tackle the thoughts that stand between you and taking purposeful, fearless action.

I help high-performing female leaders Neuro hack their way to success and supercharge their productivity to reach high-performance without burnout.

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This free productivity guide contains 12 real, actionable steps that ambitious, high-achieving women use to manage their time and focus on their most important tasks, while avoiding burnout.
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Hi There!

I am Alex Lianne Carter, a Master Certified NeuroCoach™, Productivity Coach and Business Mentor. I help female high-achievers who want to make a big impact in this world, supercharge their productivity and unleash the power of their brain to take purposeful and fearless action everyday without the burnout.

I’ve been there. I’ve worked the 12-hour days, always working harder, reluctant to say no to anything, hesitant to ask for help, tying my worth to my work, all while being so afraid to fail.  And even though I knew what I was doing was unsustainable, it still led me down a path to burnout.

Today, through my signature Triple A Framework, I work with high achievers to provide them with productivity and brain hacks helping them manage their time, focus, and energy, to reach peak performance without burnout. My program will help you work less and earn more, creating a greater impact on this world, as you make intentional use of your time, and wake up excited and motivated each day.


Neurohack Your Way to Success & Supercharge Your Productivity

I’m always excited to help high achieving female leaders unleash their ambition in various capacities.


One on one or group coaching is the ultimate way to inspire & create transformation.


Enlightening & effective workshops for teams & groups of various sizes.


Stimulating & motivational speaking that will encourage personal growth & achievement.

What Others Are Saying

Testimonial - Ireland | Alex Lianne Carter


Hey Alex! Your productivity workshop from last week, I’ve been following it since you did it and it’s been so helpful. Its really helped my anxiety too this week! I find I get so overwhelmed with what needs to be done that I don’t know where to start. The breaking it up so I put exactly what I am going to work on at what time I am finding I am way more productive!

Carol | Alex Lianne Carter Testimonial


I am grateful to Alex Lianne for the transformation she has enabled me to have. I was struggling to have the productivity needed to achieve my goals and she empowered me to see exactly what I needed to do. My struggle was with my health habits. After Alex Lianne's coaching, I accomplished what I wanted and gained new goals for my journey. I have already scheduled my next appointment with her and I can't wait to work with her again!

Leanne | Alex Lianne Carter Testimonial


Hi Alex! I just want to say I have been using the calendar scheduling system you talked about in the productivity workshop you gave and it has helped me so much. Scheduling in food, sleep, shower, exercise and breaks have really been so helpful. I am getting more done and being more efficient. Thank you so much!

Sarah | Alex Lianne Carter Testimonial


I had done a lot of coaching before meeting Allie, but wasn't consistent on following through with the action steps needed to move forward. I was letting overwhelm, perfectionism & "Who am I to do this?" (Imposter syndrome) distract me, and steal my focus. Alex Lianne gave me a simple, but invaluable goal-setting process that allows me to stay focused on my priorities and GET STUFF DONE! quickly and effectively, so I am moving toward my goals and avoiding distractions!

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